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Suncoast Electric Vehicles is committed to bringing quality, innovative electric cars to the Gulf Coast of Florida. These vehicles are a smart, green alternative for city driving. Whether a low-speed all-electric car for neighborhood use or a highway capable, crash tested all-electric car for commuter usage, we have what you’ve been waiting for. Wheego Electric Cars is an innovation-driven and environmentally-conscious manufacturer of Electric Vehicles ( EVs) and is one of the first to deliver affordable electric cars for everyday use. This vehicle is easy to drive, compact, has great visibility and has a driving range that will accommodate most urban dwellers.
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There is nothing quite like the Vantage GreenVan low speed vehicle class. These singular vehicles define where electric vehicles are headed. And in the case of the eco-friendly Vantage Vehicle class, the destination has always been the same - innovative technology, along with the ultimate in safety, comfort and performance
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Suncoast Electric Vehicles in St. Petersburg is the only 100% electric car and truck dealer in Florida. In addition to our electric car and truck selection, we offer e-Moto electric scooters powered by both Silicon and Lithium batteries. We have a variety of electric scooters designed to meet your local commuting needs. Whether you want to drive to the store or to your place of work, e-Moto scooters are a great alternative to gas driven vehicles.
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